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Requirements to submissions

  1. Only articles never published or submitted for publication in other editions are eligible for publication. These also include manuscripts of reports presented at scientific conferences (even if their abstracts have been published) or previously published in the form of preprints.

  2. Manuscripts submitted for publication to the Journal should necessarily be accompanied with an approval for public release.

  3. Manuscripts must be prepared according to the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. If the requirements of these guidelines are not met, the Editorial Board reserves the right to delay publishing, or reject the submission without proceeding.

  4. When submitting his (her) manuscript, the author agrees that the rights of its use are assigned to the publisher, Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF).

    The rights to use a manuscript are transferred according to the Licensing Agreement followed by the Deed of Acceptance, each of them being signed by the author (or one of the authors acting under the power of attorney on behalf of corporate authors). The author submits to the Editorial Board (or sends by post) original documents. Documents in electronic formats (files of scanned documents) are not sufficient.

  5. Submissions are necessarily reviewed for the purpose of their expert evaluation. Reviewers (anonymous) are appointed by the Editorial Board among its members or recognized experts from the institutions and enterprises represented in the Editorial Board. All reviewers must have publications on the topic of the manuscript under review made during the last three years. The Editorial Board is responsible for the degree of objectivity of assessments by reviewers. If necessary, the manuscript is subject to additional review. Reviews are kept at the Editorial Board for five years.

  6. Authors of the manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Board will receive copies of reviews or letters of substantiated refusal. The Editorial Board will present copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon request.

  7. The final decision on whether or not the manuscript will be published in the journal is made by the Editorial Board.

  8. The publication is free of charge.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

The Editorial Board of VANT, series "Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes" invites authors submitting their manuscripts to the journal to follow the instructions below:

  1. Please submit 2 copies of the main body of paper in Russian and, separately, its abstract with key words. The recommended size of paper: not less than 12-point type with double spacing, 25 pages (size A4, one-side printing), including figures. All pages are numbered. Printed copies of the submission are signed by each author (if several authors submit their paper).

    Also, please send via E-mail an electronic version of your paper in .doc format (WinWord).

  2. The paper title and names of its authors should correspond to those in the document permitting its open publication. Please send us the necessary information about author(s): first name, patronymic, family name, place of work, position, e-mail address, as well as telephone number and/or e-mail address of a contact person.

  3. The paper title should be concise and informative. UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) number is placed before the title of paper. Sections and subsections should also have headings.

  4. Scientific terms should be used in compliance with the standards corresponding to the area of research.

  5. Use natural numbers for numbering equations (formulas) referred to in the paper text. Equations with no references in the paper text are not numbered.

  6. All symbols should have descriptions and all abbreviations should have expansions. It is not recommended to use one and the same symbol for different quantities and different symbols for one and the same quantity. To distinguish between letters of the same, or similar form - for example, a and α (alpha), or v and ν (nu) - please give the corresponding marks. Use bold type, or arrows for vector quantities.

  7. Figures should have captions and be sharply defined. Text descriptions in a figure are not recommended. Symbols (digits) described in the paper text, or in the picture caption, are used instead. Tables should have titles. References to all tables and figures are required.

  8. It is required that the numbers of references in the list of references follow the order of their appearance in the paper text. References to non-published papers (reports) are not permitted.

    Bibliographic description of a source necessarily includes family name and initial letters of the first name and patronymic of each author; title of book, or article, or report. If it is a book, please give the city name, where it has been published, name of publishing house and year of publication. For articles published in journals, please give the publication name, year of publication, volume and issue numbers, the first and last page numbers. Use Roman letters for descriptions of foreign literary sources. Give the website address for references to sources in Internet.

Please send your submissions to the following address:

Editorial Board of VANT, Series "Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes"
37 Mira Prospect
Sarov, 607188, N.Novgorod region
Tel.: +7(83130)2-84-06

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