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The principal task of the Editorial Board of Journal "Voprosy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki" (VANT), series "Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes" (MMPP) is to promote the further development of the journal, first of all, by improving the quality of scientific publications, successfully interacting with the authors of articles submitted for publishing and broadening the readership. The compliance with the ethical code is very important in the interaction of all participants in the publishing process. The international community elaborated a number of documents, one of them is the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Following the principles of the Code of Conduct and the best of practice of authoritative international and Russian journals and publishing houses the Editorial Board of VANT, series MMPP formulates here the principles of its publication ethics for the best practices of the journal authors, reviewers, Editorial Board and Publisher.

Ethics of Authors

Submitting their article(s) for publishing in VANT, series MMPP authors should follow the publication ethics standards. The best practice includes:

  • ensuring that their submission(s) had never been published earlier, or submitted to any other journal;
  • providing the novelty (originality) and validity of submitted data and results;
  • ruling out any acts of plagiarism, necessarily referring to the original sources of data in case of using fragments (table, figures, etc.) from works by other authors;
  • using the scientific data received from third parties orally and in private capacity only with consent of the authors and statement of their authorship to this data;
  • preventing duplication of one’s own publications by using appropriate references, if necessary;
  • giving references to literary sources used for performing the research work described in submission;
  • naming among the submission authors all persons, who made a significant contribution to the work, and excluding persons, who were out of the work;
  • keeping a civil tongue when criticizing, third parties or making comments on their research work;
  • stating sources of financial support;
  • adopting the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and acting in compliance with these rules;
  • informing the Editorial Board in any stage of the publishing process, or after the submission has been published about any detected error;
  • holding in respect to the efforts of Editorial Board and reviewers, correcting defects detected by reviewers, or giving reasons for one’s own point of view.

Ethics of Reviewing

A reviewer of the article(s) submitted for publishing in VANT, series MMPP should follow the ethical principles below. The best practice includes:

  • giving an unbiased assessment of submissions independently of the personal qualities of authors;
  • detecting the facts of invalid, or falsified data, as well as any acts of plagiarism;
  • giving substantiated recommendations to provide a higher quality of submission, from viewpoint of science;
  • preventing criticism of personalities;
  • keeping the Editorial Board informed about any conflict of interests detected in submissions;
  • not reviewing a submission causing a conflict of interests between the reviewer and authors, or the reviewer and the institution these authors represent;
  • not reviewing a submission in case of insufficient qualification to review the submitted material;
  • protecting confidentiality of information, not disclosing it to third parties having no authorities to receive such information;
  • under no circumstances using the unpublished submission materials in your own interests;
  • following the requirements to reviewers imposed by the journal Editorial Board when reviewing a submission.

Ethics of the Editorial Board

The Editorial Board members of VANT, series MMPP headed by the Chief Editor of the journal should follow the ethical principles below. They should:

  • strive to constantly improve the journal;
  • provide a high scientific qualification of the editorial staff;
  • provide that all scientific articles submitted for publishing in the journal are reviewed effectively and timely;
  • place demands on authors, reviewers, and publishers according to the clearly formulated and published (placed on the web-site of journal) ethical standards and other rules and instructions;
  • governed, first of all, by the principle that the submitted material contains relevant, original information of a significant scientific value and corresponds to the research area represented by the journal, when accepting submissions for publishing;
  • prevent publishing submissions, which have invalid scientific data and plagiarism;
  • provide that materials reported at international conferences (even with their abstracts published in proceedings of conferences), or earlier presented as preprints are not considered to be the published materials;
  • detect conflicts of interests and strive to resolve them in compliance with ethical standards;
  • made a final decision to publish submissions, first of all, on the basis of assessments by reviewers;
  • prevent any impact of commercial, or political interests on making a decision to publish submissions;
  • not overrule a decision concerning the publication of submissions in case of changes in the editorial staff;
  • substantiate the decision to reject a submission;
  • protect confidentiality of submissions, not disclose them to third parties without consent of authors;
  • not use the information contained in submissions in favor of personal interests;
  • inform authors about the publication process stages their submissions pass through (reviewing, discussion by the editorial staff members, editing, publishing);
  • agree with authors the corrections made by Editor;
  • should be fast in introducing corrections made by authors;
  • consider all claims concerning submissions for publishing, or the already published articles;
  • publish corrected data, explanations, refutations, or apologies, if ethical standards have not been observed by any party during the process of publishing a submission.

Ethics of Publisher

The Publisher of VANT, series MMPP should follow the ethical principles below. The Publisher should:

  • provide that the journal is funded timely;
  • provide that the journal is issued (copied) timely;
  • keep the Editorial Board timely informed about any problems concerning the journal issue/distribution;
  • not affect the Editorial Board’s decision to accept submissions for publishing;
  • not include promotional materials to the journal issues without consent of its Editorial Board;
  • respond to wishes of Editorial Board, if there is a necessity in fast corrections to be made in a given issue of the journal;
  • not take money from authors for publishing their submissions in the journal independently of their places of residence, places of work, or educational institutions.
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